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An Aspen Florist Wedding.jpg

Dusty Rose & Burgundy

An Aspen Florist Wedding.jpg
Simply Lace Photography

Stephanie & Jeff


Blush & White

Van Daele & Russell 

Paige & Shayne


Dusty Blue & White

Emily B Photography

Kaitlin & Dan

I was referred to Aspen Florist by a vendor and I was so grateful that we got in touch. I was a very indecisive bride who didn’t know exactly what she wanted. I sat down with Lisa to talk about her work and what I didn’t like (because that I knew) and she came up with a really great concept for my flowers. I felt like she knew exactly what I wanted without having to say it in words. She took care of everything and worked with me throughout the entire process. She was flexible, patient, and came up with some great suggestions when I was unsure about my choices. Needless to say, her flowers arrangements were beautiful (and affordable) and I was so happy to have chosen her for my wedding. I don’t think any other florist would have been able to help me on my wedding day like she did! Lisa really was my saving grace. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”- Bride Olena

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