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Our Assorted Ranunculus Bunches are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face

Choose from 4 sizes

(Standard =4- 5 blooms, Deluxe = 9-10 blooms, Premium=14-15 blooms Overload = 24-25 blooms - Please Note: Quantity of blooms fluctates based on flower market pricing - ranunculus bloom size determines weekly price per stem)

- ***Overload requires 72 hours notice so we have time to ensure the quantities will be here

(Colours may vary depending on what we have in stock at the time- typically we carry white, blush and soft pinks)

Ranunculus Bunches

  • Care to add a little something extra to compliment your flowers? 

    Need a pair of floral shears? It's important to give your flowers a fresh cut every time you change the water with the proper tools. Do not use household scissors, they will crush the stem and cause your flowers to droop and die prematurely.  

    Don't forget to add an Aspen Florist+ Petra King Photography Fine Art Flower Card.

    Check out the Shop Page & Simply Add to Cart & the items will be delivered with your flowers on a Friday or ready for pick up at Pink Lemon Decor 66 King St West depending on what you choose in the drop down menu.

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