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Laura & Derek: The Ranch (Bethany, ON)

A Ranch Wedding with the 3 Musketeers

While this past year has been one of the most challenging years, the challenges have made us stronger, more creative and more grateful then we have ever been. Love has prevailed and weddings are thriving of all sizes. This one in particular was such an honour and a joy to be a part of for this sweetest little family.

The bride and groom are two of the sweetest, most easy going humans. From day one, they put their trust in us and loved the design proposal I presented, while we had to pivot and postpone a year, we flowed through the changes together and made magic for the 3 Musketeers aka Laura, Derek & Levi.

Laura & Derek met in 2013 introduced to one another by their best man (way to go Jason!) , they hit it off right from the start. Along the way they found they both enjoy spending time in the great outdoors (hiking, camping, 4 wheeling) so I can see how The Ranch Resort in Bethany caught their eye!

They started their little family in 2018 with the birth of their adorable son Levi and in Lauras beautiful words, I'll let her tell you the rest....

"We decided to start our family before we got married. We had our little man Levi in 2018 and became the 3 musketeers! Our life became so much more and we finally felt it was time to get married. Having a wedding through covid was actually amazing, I find you can get caught up in the big things when really it’s a day for you and your spouse to honour your vows and make the commitment to ‘not start’ but to continue your life together. 2020/2021 definitely brought us closer together (I didn’t think that was possible) Our priorities shifted in the best ways and It really opened our eyes to be more present in the moments and that our little family was so much more important and just having each other healthy, laughing and smiling each day is all we could wish for. Our son walked me down the aisle and in that moment it was the 3 of us, nothing else mattered, our little family finally making the finalized commitment to each other. Our wedding ceremony was small and no we didn’t get what we originally had planned for but i wouldn’t change it for the world."